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We Create Financial Technologies

For Emerging Markets

Smetrix (pronounced Es"met*rix) integrates expertise in three areas - finance, law and computer technology -
to solve financial problems that pervade emerging-market countries.

Who We Are

Most financial innovations and applications of new technology come from advanced countries where products are naturally directed at developed-market problems. However, many emerging-market countries do not have the environment where these innovations or applications can flourish. These countries typically face fundamentally different challenges. Thus, emerging market countries often cannot benefit from the innovations or applications directly imported from developed-market countries.

Based in the Philippines, Smetrix adopts an emerging market point of view, and adapts the new and fast-advancing technology for the indigenous problems found in an emerging-market economy such as that of its host environment. Focused on this approach, the Company is working on innovative solutions for a wide range of financial problems, which include government, corporate and consumer needs that can be found in emerging markets, but not in developed ones.

Products and Services

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Contact Us

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UB, 111 Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village
Makati City 1229
tel: +632 855 6905

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